Castle Discovery

Duration: Three and half hours
Cost: 377.75 euro
Available in: English, Dutch


Captivating, candid, and quirky. When time isn’t on your side during your Belgium vacation, our short three-hour exclusive tour packs a historic punch. There’s no better way to explore the best of Bruges and escape the crowds, than stepping into one of our vintage cars.

- Stops at three secret castles with countless stories along the way.
- Explore the grounds, take a walk in the woods, and be immersed in the history of Bruges.
- Wind down your window and soak up the authentic atmosphere.

Includes: Private driver/guide, private vintage car, castle admission fees.

Castle Chronicles

Duration: Six hours
Cost: 674.80 euro
Available in: English, Dutch


Hear spicy tales of famous guests, discover mysterious happenings, and visit some of Bruges’ most beautiful castles. This is a Bruges tour that takes you into its scintillating past, told through the region’s spectacular historic houses, from the seat of an authentic vintage car.

- Explore four of Bruges’ mysterious and architecturally magnificent castles.
- Your driver and guide will weave stories of legends that have shaped Bruges, the region, and its people.
- Enjoy a curated gourmet lunch at one of your castle stops, with tantalizing locally-sourced cuisine and a culinary tradition as steeped in history as the dining room you eat in.

Includes: Gourmet lunch, Afternoon snack or delicious breakfast, private guide/driver, private  vintage car, castle entrance fees.

Chateau Royale

Duration: Full day
Cost: 968.28 euro
Available in: English, Dutch


Forget the crowds, it’s just you, your driver, a vintage BMW, and the road ahead. This privately guided oh-so-sophisticated Bruges tour offers the creme de la creme of history, experience, and enjoyment. Do something better with your Bruges vacation.

- Start the day with Belgian pastries for breakfast at a historic house.
- Visit five stunning castles, alive with legends.
- Beautiful buildings, cobbled streets, wild woods, and atmospheric gardens to explore.
- Enjoy a gourmet lunch in the spectacular dining hall at one of your castle stops.
- Round off the day with an afternoon bite, a taste of real noble living.

Includes: Breakfast in a historic house, gourmet lunch, afternoon snack, private guide/driver, private vintage car, and castle entrance fees.

Hear from our Participants


The Chateau Royale Tour by Rouler Retro is a blend of luxury and historical exploration. It starts with an elegant breakfast, setting the tone for a day. The tour visits six of Bruges' most sublime castles and Niels tells a very interesting story with historical facts about them. This full-day experience merges exquisite dining with the rich tapestry of Bruges' heritage, making it an unforgettable journey.

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No nonsense policy: Free cancellation up to 7 days for the Chateau Royale and the Castle Chronicles tour. Free cancellation for Castle Discovery up to 48 hours.
Please reach out to us in case of any questions at [email protected] or contact us on Whatsapp.

The duration of our tour can fluctuate depending on traffic between the different destinations.