Journey Through History

Embark on a journey back in time with Rouler Retro's Castle Chronicles Tour, a 6-hour expedition that unveils the rich history and architectural marvels of Bruges’ castles. This exclusive tour promises not just a sightseeing experience, but a deep dive into the stories and legends that shaped Bruges.

Begin Your Day with Culinary Delights

Your adventure starts with a delectable breakfast, setting the tone for a day filled with discovery and indulgence. As we drive through the scenic landscapes of Bruges in our vintage BMW Neue Klasse cars, the charm of the past blends seamlessly with the comforts of today.

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5 Mysterious Castles

As we journey from one castle to the next, our knowledgeable guide will share fascinating stories and anecdotes, bringing the walls of these ancient fortresses to life. We will visit five castles throughout our six hour journey. 

A Gastronomic Lunch Experience

Midway through the tour, indulge in a carefully selected lunch at one of the castles, where the culinary experience is as rich as the historical setting. This meal is a celebration of local flavors and historical dining traditions.

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6 hours. Start at 9am
Breakfast at a historical house and a small lunch at a unique place. We will see 5 castles.
We can accomodate up to 3 persons comfortable.
925 euro

Hear Our Participants

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Joining on Rouler Retro's Castle Chronicles Tour was an awesome experience, offering a deep dive into Bruges' history. During 6 hours we visited 5 iconic castles, each with a unique story. We enjoyed a curated meal, and especially the breakfast was wonderful, a must do!. Knowledgeable guide enhanced the experience with fascinating anecdotes. It's a perfect blend of luxury, culture, and history.